May 2016

Tunnel Vision In The Funeral Business

As a technology and marketing provider, we call on funeral homes each day and try to help them reach more […]

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Tunnel vision in the funeral business


March 2016

If You Want People To Think Your Funeral Home Is Different, You Need To Actually Be Different.

Have you ever been swept off your feet by a company?  It’s like falling in love.  You’ll know it when […]

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If you want people to think your funeral home is different, you need to actually be different.


January 2016

The Easy Bake Oven Approach To Funeral Marketing

Back in 2000 a young guy named James Hong created a website called Hot or Not and the idea was […]

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The Easy Bake Oven approach to funeral marketing


January 2016

Make The Most Of Quiet Days At Your Funeral Home

As someone who calls on funeral homes, our best chance to meet with potential clients is always when “the house […]

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Make the most of quiet days at your funeral home


December 2015

Funeral Homes And Politicians Are Just Alike

Before you start throwing rocks……. The amount of money the candidates will spend in 2016 will be record breaking. They […]

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Funeral Homes and Politicians are just alike