Makes It Easier To Get Online Reviews From Families

October 11, 2018 – Clinton, NC. announced today a dedicated effort to encourage families to leave online reviews for a funeral home after the service is over.  Going forward, online reviews will become critical to a funeral home’s success in getting the opportunity to serve new families.  At-need families that have not already chosen a provider will be online and will undoubtedly read reviews.   If your funeral home doesn’t have many reviews, or the few you have are negative, you’re less likely to get the call.

“There is a problem today because consumers want to read reviews but not everyone will write one without being asked,” said Ellery Bowker, CEO and founder of “We also know that if you want to get families to leave you a review online, you must make it simple and easy,” he concluded. customers can now have a card included with each survey mailed to their families that gently asks them to leave a review online.  Understanding the need to keep it simple, the family just goes to a website and puts in a code and they can leave a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook for that funeral home.  “By including a simple request with the survey, we let families know how their review will help others learn more about your funeral home.  Families generally want to help so they do it,” said Bowker.

Like any other company, a funeral home is a business and consumers want to hear what others think before they make a decision. There is a saying that says, “What I say about me is good, but what you say about me is golden.”’s slogan is “we do the follow up for you”, and automatically asking families to leave a review online demonstrates their commitment to helping funeral homes build their businesses.


ABOUT AFTERCARE.COM allow funeral homes and cemeteries to automatically stay in touch with families after the service is over which builds loyalty and creates opportunities for more preneed sales.

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Ellery Bowker