Build Stronger Relationships With Your Families

With the Aftercare Card Program

Enroll a family in 30 seconds and the program takes care of the rest.


Step 1

A Sympathy Card is mailed 2 weeks after the services

Step 2

A Follow up survey is mailed 6 weeks after the services.

Step 3

Three more "Remembering You" cards are mailed on difficult days in the first year

$25 per family
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Personalized for your Catholic Cemetery

The cards and survey are personalized with your firm’s logo and the signature of the person (or persons) you want to sign the cards.

The wording on the inside of the cards can be changed to suit your firm and the questions on the survey can be customized to ask the questions that are important to you. The family can mail the survey back or complete it online.

Everything mailed has your firm’s address and uses a first class stamp. No bulk mail.

The Aftercare Card Program was built to help each Catholic cemetery, from one location to a large group, follow up and create loyalty with the families they serve.

We understand having many cemeteries can make any aftercare program challenging. We have created unique features that can help cemetery groups of all sizes manage their enrollment easily.

  • Different branding for each cemetery

    The cards and survey can be personalized for each cemetery

  • Central location for all survey responses

    See survey responses for any location, at any time.

  • Personalized signatures

    The cards can be sent with a default signature or with the signature of the counselor that served the family.

  • Monthly Activity Report

    See every family enrolled at each location, by counselor

  • Bulk enrollment options

    Enroll one family at a time or upload a spreadsheet and enroll many at one time.

  • Simplified Billing

    We can have one invoice broken out by location or bill each location individually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really 100% done-for-me?

Yes. Just login and enroll the family and you're done. It takes about a minute.

Do I have to enroll every family?

No. You only enroll the families you want.

Can the survey be customized?

Yes, we will customize the survey to include the questions you would like have on it.

I have multiple locations, do I have to get more than one account?

No. You can have multiple locations on one account.

How do I pay for the families I enroll?

You purchase credits ($25 per credit) and every time you enroll a family it deducts one credit.

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